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I began to take pictures when I was ten and I got my first Smena camera. Some 5-6 years later It  became a serious interest of mine. I have extensive background in puppetry, props and masks creation, embroidery, knitting, ceramics, felting and I always enjoy finding new fields I can explore. I don’t have any professional background in photography, I can say I’m an absolute autodidact but I believe painting classes that I’ve been taking for the last seven years vastly improved my ability to look, to see and to choose frames.
I'm a photographer and a painter. I prefer colours to lines. I don't like to use photoshop – just sometimes to clean the dust or the scratches from the scans before printing them. I film mainly on b/w film because I'm almost never satisfied with the representation of colours on  the scans or the prints. The few colour photos on this site are a rare exception. All the photos here are not staged except for the series "Vintage". I was just lucky enough to catch these moments and to get them transferred into the frame.
Many things just happen to us. We meet with the most important people and remember the dearest moments rather haphazardly. We can say that our memory consists of sudden glances that  were  chosen to stay with us forever. I'm learning to capture them, to explore the mechanism of suddenness, memory and strokes of good luck.
For years my life is connected with theatre. I see the theatre as an instrument that we use to measure time and to give proportions to our life, feelings and experiences in comparison to other events from the history of humanity. For me it is able to create a meeting point of local and global, personal and general, extra specification of objects and generalization of circumstances and ideas.

I believe there is a rare common thing in theatre and photography. Both of them examine the relationship of performers and observers (spectators) even if the performers are the light and inanimate objects. Likewise, both of them explore the very moment of the contemporaneity of different circumstances and it is a miracle that exist only here and now. For me, it is a way of time-catching.

Photo by Irma Sharikadze

photo by Irma Sharikadze

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